Who’s that girl? Have you seen Shasha Obama’s look alike?


The internet was literally on fire all through yesterday with a photo of a young woman who looks like Sasha Obama. The picture has gone viral, with several Twitter accounts claiming it is her, but some fans aren’t convinced, Daily Mail reports

So, who’s the girl? The image in question shows an unidentified woman striking a pose in a crop top, bikini bottoms, and a sarong. She has a large tattoo on her ribcage and is wearing plenty of jewelry, including the same layered necklaces that Sasha was seen wearing in previous TikTok videos.

MEFeater Magazine was among the Twitter accounts that shared the photo on Sunday, which led to 19-year-old Sasha’s name trending. The online publication claimed it was the former First Daughter, writing: ‘Sasha Obama is GIVING honey!’

Another person tweeted the image and wrote: ‘Sasha Obama is a hot girl!’

The picture appears to have been taken at a house party and shows three people standing behind the woman, who is not confirmed to be Sasha. It’s unclear when the photo was taken; neither the woman nor the man behind her is wearing a mask.

‘If that’s her, and I’m not convinced that it is, it’s an old picture because both girls are home with Barack and Michelle right now since colleges are closed and classes are online,’ one person pointed out.

Sasha is a sophomore at the University of Michigan, and while the school’s flagship campus in Ann Arbor welcomed students this fall, her mother, Michelle Obama, revealed in September that the teen was sticking to remote learning for now.

Thousands of people commented on the woman’s appearance in the image, both negatively and positively.

‘Why does she look so cheap[?],’ someone asked, while another wrote: ‘Ugh. When was that? She looks cheap here if that’s her.’

What she’s doing isn’t demeaning; she’s simply dressing how she wants & having fun,’ one person noted. ‘If you lose respect for young women who do that then that’s on you.

The photo has also sparked a fierce debate about whether or not the woman in question is even Sasha.

Some shared photos of Barack and Michelle Obama’s youngest daughter and insisted she looks nothing like the woman in the viral snapshot.

‘Look at her face. It looks nothing like the girl in that photo,’ one person wrote, while another tweeted: ‘Nice try…a look-alike.’


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