Wedding day blues, flower girl ‘naps away’

This flower girl just can’t stay awake

Anyone who’s ever been a maid of honor knows that weddings can be exhausting. But for one flower girl, even the thought of making her way down the aisle wore her out.


Six-month-old Rugbie was crowned flower girl for her aunt’s wedding, but when it came time for her to make her way down the aisle, sleep prevailed. On Reddit, her father, Joe Morman, posted a photo of his hilarious baby girl making her way down the aisle fast asleep, falling back in the wagon pulled by her mom. “My daughter was supposed to be a flower girl in her aunts wedding but napping is life. (She is safely strapped in),” Morman captioned the post.

My daughter was supposed to be a flower girl in her aunts wedding but napping is life. (She is safely strapped in) from wedding

“About 20 minutes before the wedding she was getting tired, so I was holding her and singing to her so she would go to sleep and get a quick little power nap in before the wedding,” Morman explained to Yahoo Lifestyle. “But when it came time for the wedding, she wouldn’t wake up for nothing. She would open her eyes and look around then pass right back out.” We know that feeling.

But of course the wedding must go on. Rugbie’s mom, Lizzie, continued as planned, pulling her adorable daughter, clad in a white frilly dress and matching headband, down the aisle in the wagon. “As soon as the wagon got to the end of the aisle and I picked her up, she was bright-eyed and ready to go,” the dad recalls.

Little Rugbie sweetly snoozing during her flower girl duties


Luckily, the bride (Lizzie’s sister) and groom thought it was funny. Plus, the bride was happy to share the spotlight. “She was glad that the audience was distracted by the baby to take some of the pressure off her,” Morman says.

Everyone else thought it was adorable, obviously. In the video, you can hear chuckles and cooing as Rugbie makes her entrance.

The little girl’s deep sleep actually surprised her parents. “She has never done that before and she is usually not hard to wake up at all,” Joe says.

Well, now they know for next time. And while Rugbie was unable to toss the flower petals, we have a feeling this cutie will secure herself another place in future family weddings.


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