Cool multifaceted dress for Christmas? You got it!


If you think it’s not possible to turn a dress in multiple styles as part of fashion process, then, you might have to think again.

And if you do think it’s possible, how many dress patterns and forms can you possibly make out of one unit dress?

Now, all these and more are answers and possibilities that a Nigerian fashion designer, Oyinda Akinfenwa, can achieve.

According to Metro Uk. com, Oyinda, 22, makes multifaceted dresses that can be worn up to 11 different ways

Some of Oyinda’s dresses can be styled in 11 different ways, making them the perfect staple to wear to many different occasions.

Although you can sometimes pick up multiway dresses on the high street, Oyinda’s options are much more varied.

Oyinda, who is self-taught, has opened her own clothing line – Janore – to offer her creations to the public.

She initially had the idea when she realised that not everyone is fond of wearing tight dresses.

So Oyinda began experimenting with extra material to figure out how she could use them to cover up certain areas.

What she ended up with was a multitude of ways that each item could be styled.

And now, Oyinda has a small business that ships the gorgeous dresses worldwide,

For some dresses, there are extra materials but there are some that I make sure that you don’t have to add an extra sleeve or fabrics so it’s not too difficult to understand and style.’

She added: ‘Starting this business wasn’t planned, but I tried a dress and I felt what if I can actually style it in a different way? I tried it and it worked so I posted it and people thought it was cool, then I kept trying and it became my thing.

I personally feel like the fact that the dresses have so many options of styling to fit almost any occasion makes it very flexible and it works for people who have a long day planned and can’t necessarily change clothes to fit different occasions.

It also helps people be able to choose their styles and try outfit styles they may not be so comfortable with on a usual day but they’re not sure if it’ll look good on them, it’s a win-win because they get to keep their usual styles while also trying other styles.

‘It also shows potential to be the future of fashion as we know it.’

It’s certainly more sustainable than buying a new outfit for different occasions.


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