Veteran actor Ramsey Nouah reveals why he never take his kids

Ramsey Nouah and family

Nollywood actor Ramsey Nouah reveals why he doesn’t like to take his kids out – The star actor shares how bad his three kids feel when he is recognized and distracted by fans in public.

He understands early that his profession was both a blessing and a curse Nollywood actor Ramsey Nouah opened up in a recent interview on why he doesn’t take his kids out. He admitted to being a centre of attention in public because of his profession.The attention however, sickens his kids who mostly desire bonding time with their father.

Ramsey who is a veteran Nollywood actor got married in 2002 and has three kids with his wife. The three angels; Camil Nouah, Quincy Nouah and Desiree Nouah like all the attention they can get from their father.

According to Ramsey, daddy duties is often interrupted by admiring fans. earlier reported how Ramsey Nouah keeps the fire burning in his 15-year-old marriage. Ramsey Nouah and family Talking on how his profession has shaped part of the relationship he has with his kids. He said: “My kids suffer a whole lot of backlash [because] of my profession because it’s pretty hard for us to go out and have fun in public places.

Most times when I go, I always have to be nice to the fans, taking pictures and neglecting them and they feel bad about it, they don’t enjoy it,” When asked if he with forcibly make his kids ply the acting route, he said: “Most times I enjoy most of the best moments with my kids in private. I want them to have a mind of their own.

I don’t want them to believe that [they can] back ride on the glory of their father, no. I want a situation where they can become independent and they can take this chance of their own. It’s a mentality that I [try to] curb.”

“A couple of people ask me, your kids, will you bring them into acting… it’s their choice. I wouldn’t forcibly train them in the line of acting but I will train them in whatever I see that they are more comfortable with,” Ramsey said.


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