Trees Planting: How Rotary club of Ekpan District 9141 collaborated with Rotaract Club of Ekpan CB


Climate change’s looming dangers are now staring us in the face. With the recent increase in environmental issues such as droughts, flooding, deforestation, desert encroachment, global warming, acid rain, heat waves, ozone layer depletion, and many others affecting every human, animal, and nation, it is clear that our mother Earth is sitting on a keg of gun powder.

And with these rising concerns, it has become critical to think and act fast to save our planet from the harmful effects that cause environmental degradation.

It was against this backdrop that the Rotary Club of Ekpan District 9141 in conjunction with the Rotaract Club of Ekpan CB chose to give back to the environment by planting new seedlings of trees on a large expanse of land

It was also am opportunity to maintain the old ones that were previously planted by the Club.

The tree planting exercise took place on Refinery Road in Uvwie Local Government of Delta state. The excitement on the face of the Chief Rejuvenator, Club President, Rotn Osaro Igbinaduwa at the end of the exercise was an attestation that the Club was on the right part.

Speaking on the concept behind their tree planting exercise, Chief Rejuvenator, Club President, Rotn Osaro Igbinaduwa said it was to affirm their mission to preserve the ecosystem. She disclosed that the club has carried out several tree planting projects since its inception.

Planting trees can help to restore important ecosystem services in our environment. It supplies humans and animals with food, water, energy, and raw building materials. When water, soil, and air quality are improved, environmental risks and impacts are reduced.

Not only do trees produce oxygen but they also absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases.


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