Tinted glass permit. Police authority identifies officer on viral video


On Wednesday, a video went viral showing a policeman demanding a fine from a driver for having tinted glass without a permit.

The Nigeria Police Force had on Monday announced that it had barred its officers from demanding more than three papers from motorists at checkpoints in any part of the country.

This was confirmed in a series of tweet posts and press statements by the Acting Force Public Relations Officer (FPRO), CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, who asked members of the public to report police officers who delay motorists to ask for these.

Adejobi tweeted, “No policeman should demand your customs papers. No. Except they are on joint operation, but not just on mere routine checks. And for now, we have suspended (the) issuance of tinted glass permits. So, we don’t expect our men to disturb Nigerians on this.

“We are to stop any vehicle with tints, search the vehicle, and its occupants, but not to delay him for not having tinted glass permits. Report them if you are so delayed so that we ask them (the personnel) questions.”

It came as a shock to some Nigerians when the video of the policeman demanding a fine from a driver because of his tinted glass. In the video, the police officer called the driver a ‘suspect’ for not having a tinted permit.

The driver who took to his Twitter account to post the video and share his experience further claimed that the police officer demanded N20,000 from him.

However, Adejobi via his Twitter account announced that the police officer had been identified. He further noted that the state Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Alabi, had taken over the matter.

”My people, this policeman has been identified as Insp Dele Ruben, attached to Area F, Ikeja, Lagos State. The Commissioner of Police Lagos State has taken over the matter for necessary action. I believe in his action and judgment on the matter. Let’s wait for the feedback. Thanks,” Adejobi said.


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