Transforming job seekers to sustainable job creators


A transformative partnership from Henley Business School, Lagos Business School and Semicolon Africa

What is the Nexus Project?
The Nexus is a virtual platform that de-isolates young entrepreneurs and connects them to an ecosystem of knowledge intervention and technical support services. It is designed to improve the chances of building sustainable businesses, thereby improving the conversion rate of job seekers into job creators and reducing the failure rate of start-ups in the context.

The Nexus platform will have the following features:
1. The Investment Readiness Map (IRM) – a personalized mapping of enrolled entrepreneurs’ learner journey. It is a market-driven narrative articulating the entrepreneur’s journey from ‘unlocked’ assets to investable and sustainable ventures. The IRM is expected to embed an Investment Readiness Scorecard capable of identifying investor-proof knowledge gaps and learning needs of enrolled entrepreneurs. This will then inform the knowledge and industry interventions to be delivered across the project timeframe.
2. (A) Academic institutions’ content delivery capability to deliver knowledge intervention throughout the project based on the identified knowledge gaps learning needs. 

  1. (B) Personal Development and Wellbeing component that addresses the individual development and wellness of the founders throughout their journey.
    3. Comprehensive coaching and mentoring programme aimed at connecting the target youth to technical knowledge and expertise 
    4. An investment hub designed to showcase investors for investment-ready entrepreneurs to secure investments for their viable businesses or products

This isn’t all, visit and the Youtube post for more insights.


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