Steampunk Enthusiast Creates the Most Amazing Wristwatches


When it comes to steampunk-inspired wristwatches, I’m willing to bet you’ve never seen anything quite like the ones Japanese designer FRISK_P makes. To say her creations are steampunk masterpieces almost feels like an understatement, and once you see her work in action, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree.

FRISK_P’s mission is “to make wristwatches that nobody else makes”. They are definitely not the most practical wristwatches, nor the most compact ones, but in terms of uniqueness and wow-factor, they are on a whole other level.

I could try describing them, but I really wouldn’t know where to begin, and to be honest, words just don’t do these contraptions justice. Luckily, FRISK_P posts lots photos and videos of his creations on her social media accounts.

You’ve probably seen cool steampunk accessories before, but what really separates FRISK_P’s work from that of most other steampunk artists and designers is that her creations don’t just look cool, but are actually fully functional. They tell time in the most amazing and outrageous ways you can think of. Put simply, they are awesome!


I am in awe of all these incredible steampunk wristwatches, but my personal favorite is the automaton one. Watching that little guy in action, picking up the quill, writing the time on a tablet and then wiping the tablet clean, all on by itself, was one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a very long time. I loved it so much that I actually tried finding out how FRISK_P made it.

It wasn’t the easiest thing to do, since all but one of the sources even mentioning the designer’s work are in Japanese, and mine is a little rusty, but I was lucky to find a useful link on her Twitter page.


According to a short article on IT Media, FRISK_P uses software like 3D CAD and Fusion 360 to design all the parts of his steampunk wristwatches, and then brings them into the real world using a 3D printer. For her amazing automaton watch, she apparently incorporated three servomotors and a microcomputer board as well, but that’s about all I could make out from the article.

If you think FRISK_P’s talent for steampunk stops at wristwatches, you couldn’t be more wrong. This lady has created an awesome steampunk musical keyboard, a steampunk rayguu and even an awesome gun that can be mounted on a real-life cat. Yes, you read that correctly.


I really hope this FRISK_P’s work goes viral, because the world needs to see the steampunk wonders that come out of her hands!


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