I’m Not Retiring After Baby-Serena Williams


Retiring after childbirth is a case of different strokes for different folks. Those who think that childbirth is an end to a career should think twice. For some, it may be true while for some others, it is not so

On this note,  pregnant tennis queen, Serena Williams as unpleasant news for every other female tennis player on the planet. She has revealed that she has no plans to retire after giving birth. In fact, she will definitely return to the court  right after she gives birth!

Some have speculated the 35-year-old will hang it up after the baby is born since there’s only 1 other player who’s older than her in the Top 75 (it happens to be her sister, Venus).

Serena shot down pregnancy cravings the retirement talk recently in New York but revealed that she definitely has some food cravings and of course, it’s healthy, she maintained


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