Self-Taught Artist Creates 3D Ready to Jump Off the Canvas


Some people are just born with an insane amount of talent. Take 31-year-old Nikola Čuljić, a self-taught artist from Serbia. He has been actively drawing for only three years, yet look at the wonders that he’s able to produce with some pencils, markers and pastels.

People had always told Nikola Čuljić that he had a talent for drawing, but he just wasn’t very interested in it. Then, three years ago, he decided to give it a shot, so he started drawing ultra-realistic portraits. That turned out to be very hard, and the young artist realized that he wasn’t very good at it, or, at least not as good as he wanted to be. Čuljić wanted to be the best, and anything less than that just didn’t satisfy him, so he decided to try something different. And that’s how he got into hand-drawn 3D illusions.

Nikola told Bored Panda that he opted for this fascinating art form, because people 3D always attracts people, and it allowed him to use basically anything as inspiration. Obviously, execution is key, but as you can see from all these amazing artworks, that’s not a problem for this Serbian artist. It’s hard to believe that a self-taught artist can achieve this kind of results in just three years.

Nikola Čuljić‘s amazing 3D drawings are not for sale, as the artist says that his main goal right now is “to make his name a brand for 3D”. He is actively raising his follower base on social media, promoting his art via profiles on both Facebook and Instagram.

The artist told Mashable that, for now, he is really enjoying the “wow” reactions his works get online.

For more amazing 3D art, check out the artworks of Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki  and Belgian master Ben Heine.


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