Print360Ultra App: Perfect way to preserve the present


Every custom framing project has the same ultimate goal; satisfaction and pride over the final artwork displayed on your wall.
Nothing makes us happier when people hit this target with Print360Ultra App.

These are the exact words of the Washington Uba, founder, Print360Ultra

In an interview with Midpointmall, Mr Washington Uba who said that Print360Ultra, a new innovation in photography is a one-stop shop for exceptional photo jobs such as editing, printing and framing.

Print360Ultra is the mobile app designed to support and enhance fast and smooth delivery of service in what we term the “Photography Downstream Sector” which comprises printing, canvassing, and framing of photographic materials in the Nigerian creative space.

For him, satisfaction of customers is their priority.

At Print360Ultra, “we technologically take the stress off our esteemed clients using this mobile app”.

Photography has evolved, you can use either your mobile phones or your big-time camera, take the shot of your pose, then just download Print360Ultra mobile app, upload your photo, select a frame of your choice and submit. Our customer care is ready 24/7 to respond

We are always available and affordable. Our Brand is to innovatively set the pace in the industry within Africa and create a positive global impact.


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