President Buhari’s lack-lustre 60th Independence day broadcast- By Mike Ozekhome, SAN


A constitutional rights lawyer, Chief Mike Ozekhome, SAN has described President Muhammadu Buhari’s Independence day broadcast as lame, lacklustre, uninspiring and devoid of Presidential gravitas.

Here is the press statement released earlier today to Midpointmall.

The broadcast was lame, defensive, lacklustre, uninspiring and devoid of Presidential gravitas.

It convinces more that the President is out of tune with the stark reality of a 208 million people he governs being compared with some neighbouring countries.

I disagree with Mr president. Do many of them produce oil? Are we not the 7th oil producer in the world? Is Buhari aware that most of our industries have relocated to, and found solace in these countries?

Those economies he compare us with are better, more buoyant, less populated and more focused and productive than Nigeria.

They do not glamourise me and celebrate corruption as a national fundamental objective and directive principle of state policy as we do. It is also about credibility, integrity, honour and dignity.

Did Buhari not join others Nigerians , including the major players in his government, in January, 2012, to castigate and demonstrate on the streets against Jonathan’s minimal increase, arguing that it was corruption – laden and amounted to thievery?

What has changed? Has the oil cartel he glowingly talked about vanished? Has his government not used more than three times the sum used by three successive governments for importation of fuel? Has he built a single refinery? Are the ones he met functional still working?

I beg, give me a break from the clueless, propaganda and anti-people policies of this opaque government.


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