Pastor calls God on phone during service


Zimbabwean pastor, Paul Sanyangore, has introduced a new dimension to televangelism.

In a widely televised church service, Sanyangore had called a number on his phone.

The line was obviously picked up at the other end, and the pastor engaged in the heavenly conversation as follows, while the seeker, a woman, kneels before him:

Pastor Sanyangore: “Hallo! Is this heaven? I have a woman here, what do you have to say about her?”

The phone isn’t on speaker mode, but the pastor delivers on whatever the receiver at the other end says.

Continuing, Sanyangore says,

“Oh, I should ask her who is Sibou, Sibou?”

The woman gives a response.

The phone call continues:

“What else, Papa God?” Papa God seems to have responded promptly as the pastor says:

“God is telling me to ask you why is it you showing me a heart?” (sic)

The woman gives an answer; the congregation cheers and the phone call with Papa God continues:

“He says we should pray for your children… Two of them. He is saying the other one is epileptic, the other one is asthmatic…

“He is saying I should ask you who is in Bulawayo?”

The woman responds, to which the tongue-talking pastor shouts: “Devil is a liar…”

At the end of it all, the pastor orders the kneeling woman to stand up, announces to her that her story has changed, lays hands on her or, if you would, pushes her down and the woman falls…

Paul Sanyangore is known for his controversial, if questionable, manner of ministration.

According to Zimbabwean Newsday, 30-year-old Sanyangore once anointed some condoms for members’ use.

Meanwhile, if you happen to also have God’s phone line, don’t hesitate to share with us.


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