Paddy Adenuga Agrees To Be Jailed Instead Of Marrying His Ex

Son of business mogul and CEO of Globacom, Paddy Adenuga, has allegedly agreed to be jailed instead of marrying his ex.
He stressed this while reacting to a popular meme which asked if people would marry their exs or agree to be jailed.Paddy commented, directly asking when he can start his prison term. The comment rather direct, prompted the reply of a fan who asked; was she that bad?, a question the young man avoided answering.
Meanwhile, Paddy has once offered relationship advice online in a post which read;
if you are dating someone that doesn’t believe in your dreams, goals, or ambition.. it’s probably a good time to end that relationship I have been engaged twice (2010, 2012) but didn’t get married on either occasion…painful both times but lessons learned.
Fans have also come to know that he was once in love with a beautiful lady named ‘Reem’ whom he lost to untimely death as he had written a post-humorous emotional message to her in May last year
Precious Reem, you would have been 25 today. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you and all the good times we had together. There are many nights were I simply can not believe that you are gone. I remember your laugh, your smile, and just how beautiful a person you genuinely were. Thank you for believing in me – for all your love and support. Our time together was far from perfect and at times felt like a rollercoaster… but it was special and I have so many great, intimate memories. I can only sit back and wonder now | you would have been a great wife and a great mother. I know wherever you are, you are watching down on me. I hope you are proud of me and how hard I am trying to honour your name. We all miss you dearly Reem… I miss you #restinpeace #onceuponareem #” #lovelike,noother #lovehaven#”


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