Oscars 2020: Chyna Blanc, new team-lead of worst dressed celebs

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February 11, 2020
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Oscars 2020: Chyna Blanc, new team-lead of worst dressed celebs

Oh! Chyna Blanc, what did you just do to yourself at the Oscars? Even if you gate-crashed as a attendee, your motives of chosing this garb was ill-advised

But I think you were there for all the wrong reasons, too. Perhaps, you thought you were on the red carpet to heat up the Oscar night as a fashion bombshell. No, you were just Open Seseme!

Anyone close to you should be thankful to God on your behalf that fashion critic and team lead, Fashion Police on E. channel has passed on before your infamous entrance into the fashion circuit.

The Oscars are the final major award show of the season, and its celebrity attendees are therefore pulling out all the stops to ensure they make a real statement on the red carpet.

Unfortunately, not everyone hit the nail on the head as far as fashion is concerned.

 Blac Chyna lead the list of the worst-dressed stars at this year’s ceremony, according to the Daily Mail.

Others in the same tasteless category with her also turned heads for the all the wrongs reasons

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