Oprah’s celebrity neighbours are not very happy with her


The state of California has been living in drought for five years. It recently came to an end, but that isn’t stopping the rich and famous residents of Montecito from arguing over water supplies.

One very famous celeb has found herself in hot water over the matter. Residents believe that Oprah Winfrey’s private well is drawing more water than anyone else’s and they are less than impressed.

It seems being the queen of daytime television doesn’t win Oprah any special treatment with her neighbours. One of them is Jeff Bridge’s wife, Susan Geston who told The Hollywood Reporter, “At first, our dealings with her were lovely and charming, and it has been really sad to think that they may not be so. I would love to find out what is going on up there. I don’t know who knows because things are done and permits are only applied for after the fact.”

Oprah owns two properties in the area – a $38.84 million farm she purchased last year and her famous 42 acre $67 million estate she named ‘The Promised Land’.

Both of these properties have water wells, but she has begun digging another water well on the farm property which has caused the controversy.

One neighbour estimated to The Hollywood Reporter that Oprah’s wells are drawing 10-20 times more than everyone else’s in the area.

Oprah’s not having it though, with her spokesperson telling THR that, “the property uses less water since [the new well] was acquired.”


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