Netanyahu’s wife convicted for squandering state funds on lavish meals

June 14, 2019
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June 18, 2019

Netanyahu’s wife convicted for squandering state funds on lavish meals

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, arrives into the Magistrate Court, for a hearing on a plea deal over the misuse of state funds for meals, in Jerusalem June 16, 2019. (Reuters)

An Israeli court Sunday convicted the wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on charges of misusing state funds, the Associated Press reported. Sara Netanyahu has been ordered to pay a fine of roughly $15,000 by a magistrate court in Jerusalem.

The court accepted the plea bargain Sara signed with prosecutors to settle claims that she had misused $1,00,000 of state money on lavish meals. She was accused of running up large tabs at luxury restaurants while the official residence employed a full-time chef.

The State Attorney’s office said Sara will pay additional fines to close the case. According to news agency Reuters, while explaining the plea agreement to the court, prosecutors cited Sara’s clean record and the public humiliation she has suffered as a result of the case and the time that has passed – -up to nine years — since the crimes were committed.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also faces three separate corruption cases in which he denied any wrongdoing.

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