Notorious Neo-Nazi, racist, white supremacist rumored to be living in Lagos – CNN


The man is named Andrew Anglin is in Lagos according to CNN. In Anglin is wanted in the United States of America after he reportedly started a harassment campaign against a Jewish woman.

The lawyers of Jewish woman Tanya Gersh are looking for Anglin to serve him papers but they can’t locate him. CNN tracked him and claims he is now living in Lagos.

Andrew Anglin is the founder of the white nationalist website The Daily Stormer. Last year Gersh made a phone call to her landlady Sherry Spencer about her son’s supremacist activities. Spencer’s son used the building Gersh was living in for neo-Nazi activities.

When Tanya Gersh spoke to her landlady about this it pissed off her son’s white supremacist friends including Andrew Anglin. The website founder wrote a post on Tanya Gersh and accused her of extortion. “Let’s hit ‘em up. Are y’all ready for an old-fashioned Troll Storm?” he posted.

Anti-Semitic comments soon appeared under the post like “Listen here you f*****g Jew. You had better back off and leave Richard Spencer’s mum alone, you dirty s***bag,” and “You f*****g Jew. You had better back off of Richard Spencer’s mum. Everybody is watching you.

Tanya Gersh decided to fight against the online bullying and antisemitism. Anglin has gotten a lawyer to defend himself against these claims.

CNN reached out to Anglin who says he now lives in Lagos because  “his rights to say what he wants are not limited.



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