My life hasnt been a bed of roses-Liz Benson’s daughter


Just like many girls this days, getting married was a difficult task for Kokoeka Lillian, aka Chef Leelee,

Kokoeka, daughter of veteran actress, Liz Benson who finally left the single girls’ club on April 1, 2017 recently shared a post on how difficult it was before she hooked her man

Leelee who also celebrated her birthday recently wrote:

I remember my headspace this time last year. I was happy but wasn’t all there. In less than a year, God showed up strong. I mean strong! May 15th 2016 I told God I was ready to start my own family. Those that know me know how big I am when it comes to caring for people. Feeding making sure you’re alright etc. Had done this so much and just wanted to start doing so for my own family. Husband, kids and what not. I was secretly side-eyeing my partner at the time as he hadn’t even popped the question lol. You see, he’s an ‘organic’ man if you know what I mean lmao. Fast forward to this day… he not only popped the question but we are officially a family. My life contrary to what many think, hasn’t been a bed of roses. I have been through some quite deep waters. But God stayed faithful. I did not drown!!! I am not a prayer warrior. I know people who pray way better than I do for the things I have in my life. But God had mercy. And He gave me some precious gifts. Gifts that money can’t buy. I am in good sound health I have the best sister in the entire universe I have a friend that is too loyal the family members I hold close to my heart love me in return and most importantly I have a man that’s the best, given to me by God Himself My husband has stayed true. Through the difficult times, he held it down. He stayed true! The support, the love , the care, the steady encouragement, everything!!! I feel highly blessed to experience love with these people. The devil tried. During the wedding planning the devil tried it. But God is the GREATEST! I am doing what I love doing, cooking. God is just awesome. Since my move back 2 Naij, Some people have been wonderful to me. I am more than grateful for this all. Thank you all so much. You’re all my village that makes my life here on earth lovely. My followers here on instagram, Facebook , Snapchat etc, thank you all so much. Supporting ChefLee the way you do is super cool. Thank you, thank you . I am a year older today and in a much happier space than I was this time last year… look at God!!! #birthdayepistle #birthdaygirl #ifeelsoblessed #Sothankful #cheflee #happybirthdaytome #shoutouttomyhubsPUD


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