Majek Fashek admitted in UK hospital


Legendary reggae artiste, Majek Fashek, has been admitted in to a UK hospital and he opened up on his state of health.The musician fell sick and was admitted at a Lagos hospital, but was rushed to London a few days ago when his condition deteriorated.Reports say Majek is suffering from “undifferentiated Schizophrenia Rebound”.
In a telephone chat, however, the ‘Rainmaker’ recalled how he was taken to different hospitals in Nigeria without improvement, leading to his being rushed to London. “Back in Nigeria, I was admitted for treatment but there was no improvement. I was in different hospitals but my condition kept deteriorating hence I was rushed to England. I am in debt right now and I am going through pains. Right now, I am broke. Thank God, we have a Nigerian taking care of the bills but we need money to eat, my manager and I. We need help,” he pleads.
Despite his ailment, the reggae icon has decried the xenophobic attacks going on in South Africa. Majek said it was sad that blacks could visit so much hate and violence on their fellow blacks. Hear him: “I personally composed and released ‘Free Mandela’ for the emancipation of South Africans and the release of late (Nelson) Mandela.Last March, my manager took me to South Africa and I was amazed at the reception. The people were singing ‘Free Mandela’ along with me, so why are South Africans killing Nigerians?
“The problem is that my music, which preaches African unity and emancipation, is not being played and it is quite depressing. If these boys listen to my songs, it would be a different story, because most of the youths involved (in the attacks) believe in Nigeria and a united Africa. I am the living legend but it is so sad that they don’t play my songs like ‘Free Mandela’ and ‘So Long Too Long’.
“Africa belongs to all of us. Xenophobia must stop. We are not foreigners in Africa. We have Nigerian doctors and professionals there. If they leave, what will happen to South Africa? Our government must stand for our people. I am sick and I sent my manager to the (Nigerian) ambassador here in England but he couldn’t do anything. They don’t have funds; there should be budget for this kind of thing. This means a lot of Nigerians are suffering abroad. Look at me, I am very sick but my country could do nothing for me. But the British took me in and they are treating me.In Nigeria, the reverse was the case; they were chasing my manager all over the place for money. The issue now is that I need money for upkeep. I am lacking. It has just been my manager, Uzodinma Omenka, helping me. I would have been dead had he not brought me here. I need support. God bless you all.


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