Kim Kadarshian: Phone case company hit with $100M for patent infringement

Kim Kadarshian

Reality television star and selfie queen Kim Kadarshian’s cell phone case company has been sued $100 million Monday for patent infringement.

Kim Kadarshian’s cell phone case company is being sued for $100 million for patent infringement.

Snaplight, a company that makes cell phone cases with LED lights surrounding the phone, sued Kadarshian’s Kimsaprincess Inc., claiming the reality star’s business ripped off their idea, according to the Daily News.

The illuminated cell phone cases brighten so a person can take a picture-perfect “selfie.”

Kim Kadarshian taking selfie with Lumee phone case

Kadarshian’s LuMee Case product markets a cell phone case similar to Snaplight’s but the company said in the suit “it has been extremely difficult for (them) to compete in the selfie case market” because of Kardashian’s large social media following as well as promoting the product on her show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

Snaplight also claimed Kadarshian’s company of bullying.

“LuMee began a slander campaign by creating doubt in our technological and operational integrity,” Bardia Rahim, Snaplight’s founder, said.

“It’s illegal to try and monopolize the market, but more than that, it’s un-American to do it when you’re being deceptive and unethical the entire time,” Rahim continued.

Besides requesting $100 million in damages, Snaplight is also demanding Kadarshian quit promoting and using the product her product, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Kadarshian’s representative dismissed the claims and told the Daily News, “The patent lawsuit filed by Snaplight has no merit and is just another attempted shakedown. Kim has done absolutely nothing wrong.”



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