Jamie Foxx Says He Probably Will Never Get Married with Reasons


Jamie Foxx still isn’t too thrilled about the idea of getting married. The Academy Award-winning actor was asked about his thoughts regarding holy sanctimony on the Howard Stern show.

Jamie, who has been seen with Katie Holmes several times over the past three years, still hasn’t confirmed if his relationship with the Batman Begins actress is serious or not.

Stern asked the actor “what the f–k you are up to anyway?”

Howard is notorious for his exceptional skill at getting his guests to open up about their personal lives on the radio show.

The actor said, “It’s all good.”

Stern asked him if he was “having fun,” and Foxx replied that he was “having a ball.”

Robin Quivers – Stern’s co-host – went straight to the point and asked Jamie if he was into settling down at all.

The actor said, “Nah, why blow it?” He has two kids, and things are going great.

Jamie has two daughters from previous relationships, a 23-year-old named Corinne Foxx, and Annalise who is 7-years-old.

At the end Howard jokingly said to Jamie that the actor has “done it all” and maybe it’s time for him to “relax” and to stop having so much fun!

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2012, Jamie revealed he probably wasn’t “built for marriage,” although he is a loving person who is capable of connecting with someone in the long-term.

Back then Oprah asked him if he ever thinks about getting married and the White House Down actor coyly said “of course,” but according to him, just because he “thinks” about it, it doesn’t mean he plans to go through with it!



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