Is WW3 here? as new rebel group is formed in Niger Republic to counter the military junta.


Is West Africa going to be the battle field for those fighting for supemercy of political and economic power in 21st century?. West Africa the poor and reaped region known for bleeding and crying without help is about to bleed again as former rebel leader and politician in Niger Republic has launched a rebel movement opposing the military government that took power in the July 26 coup, reports Al Jazeera. This is the first sign of internal resistance to the new junta in this strategically important Sahel country.

The head of the new movement, Rhissa Ag Boula said his new Council of Resistance for the Republic (CRR) aims to reinstate overthrown president, Mohamed Bazoum who has been in detention at his residence since the military takeover. Ag Boula’s statement also said it supports ECOWAS and any other international actors seeking to restore constitutional order in Niger, adding that it would make itself available to the ECOWAS bloc for any useful purpose. So basically, he is saying that he and his new group support foreign military interventions in any way, shape or form and will make themselves available for anything the ECOWAS bloc will have them do in the process. The question our leaders must ask themselves in this contest is ‘At the end of Liberian ECOMOG encounter who were the losers’.

It’s literally Sudan all over again – only this one will be way bigger than Sudan.


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