I’m an angel on earth -Denrele Edun

Denrele Edun
Love him, hate him but what you can’t take away from this freaky entertainer, Denrele Edun, is his outpouring of life and fire wherever you may find him. He has called himself a ‘BITCH’, an acronym, meaning, Boy In Total Control of Himself, and celebrating his 37th birthday the entertainment weirdo, as many would call him, unveiled to the world his true persona in a number of poetic lines, taking on a number of alter ego characters.
He said he is an angel on earth. Yes, that’s typical Denrele. He would say things that bring as much awe as shock, never failing to electrify the air around him and captivating the people breathing that same air with him.
“I call myself an Earth Angel because there is always a sense of happiness and comfort with my presence. Perhaps slightly chaotic but good vibrations and positive vibes. An elevated service of pure loving energy,” he writes, describing himself and further explaining why he calls himself an angel. “You, reading this, can act as an Earth Angel when you offer encouragement, optimism and hope to every situation, reminding others that ‘Love Heals’. You act as an ‘Earth Angel’ when you see beyond today; perceive the grand plan, embody the limitless potentials and possibilities. Just like DENRELE, support others in finding their soul purpose and living it,” he adds, challenging everyone to find the angel that resides in them. “We are all here for a Heavenly reason and have a significant part to play in the tapestry of life. We Are All One. Show Love! Channeling my Inner Angel on my 37TH BIRTHDAY. I’m in such a GOOD PLACE….CALM&SERENE.”


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