How Glo, NLRC, NCC officials called to convince Abuja House winner

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How Glo, NLRC, NCC officials called to convince Abuja House winner

It took several calls by officials of Globacom, the National Lottery
Regulatory Commission and the Nigeria Communication Commission to 28-
year-old Ridman Ajamu Bello before he became convinced that he had
actually won a three-bedroom house in Abuja on Thursday.

Bello, a Mathematics graduate of Ekiti State University, was called up
earlier after the draw on Thursday and told about his emergence as a new
house winner in Glo’s Festival of Joy promo, but he refused to show up
for over three hours, thinking it was a scam.

However, after several calls from officials of Glo, NLRC’s Adekanye
Sunday and Iheanachor Chikodi as well as Ibrahim Mahmud of NCC, who all
took turns to speak to him, he became convinced and eventually came over
to Glo office.

“Please forgive me. At first it was difficult to believe. You know how
these days we have a lot of people claiming to be what they are not, all
kinds of scam calls. But when I started getting calls from different
people from Glo and then the NCC and NLRC people also speaking and
asking me to come to Glo office, I now thought that this could actually
be my lucky day. I thank Glo for this opportunity; it’s beyond what I
can express”. Ajamu said on his arrival.

After fulfilling necessary requirements, Bello, who was accompanied by
friends and relatives, was presented the keys to the new house in
Galadimawa area of Abuja on Friday,

Senator Amos Bulus Kilawangs, who was the guest of honour at the event
stated that Globacom deserves commendation for showing a high level of
integrity and transparency in the promo. He added that, “There are so
many companies in Nigeria, but Glo have shown it is second to none in
CSR. What I feel inside of me is beyond what I can express”.

Former Director General of Nigeria Lottery Regulatory Commission, Mr
Peter Igho, who also spoke at the event, stated that, “Glo has stood up
as a true Nigerian champion. I commend the company for putting a roof
over the heads of so many Nigerians.”.

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