Here,we have great tips for letting go after a break-up.It’s really sad when things come to an end, but the amazing thing about life is that when one door closes, another one opens. We always feel dejected and unhappy when we experience loss or rejection. But, opportunity is always lying in wait.

Are you dejected or wish it was easier to  move on? Let’s take a look at great tips that will help you do just that:

1) Be Thankful   For What Happened: When things have changed, far too many of us will dwell on the fact that something has come to an end. We dwell on this soo much that we forget to be thankful that it happened in the first place. It’s okay to grieve, but grief shouldn’t last for eternity. At some point, you need to look back on all the good things that happened. Smile at the memories. Cherish them. Be thankful that you had the experience.

2) Change Your Perceptions: Events are neither good  or bad:  They just are. It’s how we perceive and interpret them that affects  us. If you continue to perceive something the way you are doing, you will find it hard to move on. It’s time to perceive it differently. See what happened as something that had to happen. It was a part of your process and journey. It was necessary, just like everything else.

3) Picture the Benefits: Imagine what your life would look like if only you could let go. For one thing, your burden would be gone and you’d be free to do start over afresh. You’d experience a lightness of being. You’d be able to meet new people and push your life forward. You’d be happier.

4) Take The Positives: One of the reasons why find it so hard to let go and move on is that we’re thinking negatively about the situation: We’re constantly thinking about what we’ve lost, and never about what we’ve gained.

5) Cut All Ties: Cut all ties with the past. If this includes deleting social media, so be it.

6) Take A Break: It’s hard to let go and move on when we’re constantly surrounded by reminders of what happened. Everywhere you go, you’re reminded of your past.

7) Get Busy: Instead of dwelling on what happened, take action! Get busy with that business idea you had. Begin work on that novel you always wanted. Build that shed in the garden you had planned to build. Don’t let what happened paralyze you. Take your mind off things by being proactive.

8) Make Exciting Plans For The Future: A great way to move on from the past is to look to the future. Make exciting plans and you’ll start feeling that you’ve got a second chance, and that happiness is still possible.


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