My grades were bad while in school – Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa

Popular Nigerian radio personality and television host, Toke makinwa, has revealed how she was advised to withdraw from the University of Lagos (Unilag) due to bad grades in school.

She said this at the conclusion of her book tour ‘’On Becoming ‘’ which took place  at the University of Lagos.

According to her, she decided to end the tour at her alma mater because she had trouble studying at the school.

She said she was using the medium to inspire someone with her kind of story, as she believes sometimes a shared story can inspire someone to believe in themselves.

She wrote on Instagram thus,“I haven’t always made the right choices but I am thankful for grace. I am no where near perfect, I struggle sometimes but I’m learning to lean on the grace of God to catch me when I fall.’’

‘’It is quite emotional for me to end my book tour at the University of Lagos cause I remember my time there,I wasn’t the brightest student, I had potential but I was a troubled young girl.’’

‘’I didn’t care much for my books till one day I was advised to withdraw, and I hit rock bottom,I had no where else to go.’’

”My grades were bad, so bad the school asked me to leave then Something happened (grace). There was a meeting with all department heads I was granted mercy on humanitarian grounds.”

‘’My lecturers knew I had it in me but I couldn’t see what they saw, they decided to give me an extra year to turn it around.‘’

‘’It was humiliating, I started not quite at the bottom but it was a struggle, my mates had graduated and I was in a new class and boy it was hard but I did it. I don’t know how but I made a 2:2. Instead of 4 years I spent 5/6 but I made it out’’

‘’It is important for me to go back and meet with the students in Unilag, the ones doing great and the students that are struggling too. Sometimes it takes sharing your story to inspire someone to believe in themselves and I’m always up for it.‘’


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