Future Dreams: Nigerian Singer Humblesmith Wants to Break Michael Jackson’s Music Record


When asked about his plans for the future, Nigerian singer Humblesmith in a new interview with Broadway TV has spoken of his aspirations.  He expressed optimism at what the future holds, reiterating that he plans to attain the level of following that pop icon Michael Jackson gathered during his time on earth.


He said;

“I want to break Micheal Jackson’s record. It sounds funny, I sound crazy. It sounds as if this boy dey mad oh, he don dey craze. But it’s all about belief you know. When I was young, watching Micheal Jackson back then, he was more like a god, people worship Micheal Jackson. I’m not saying that people should worship me oh. But you see that standard,  that is what I want to break. So my future is very bright, very huge.”


Nigerian budding musician Humblesmith aspires to be world’s next Michael  Jackson . He was careful to point out how unrealistic his dreams are but believes he can achieve it. He opened up on his aspirations where he dreams to be greater than Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was the first entertainer to officially ratify sales of more than 100 million albums outside the USA and was recognized on the Guinness book of records for this achievement. One  achievement out of hundreds broken by the world star. We are not sure which records Humblesmith is referring but for someone who has “humble” included in his stage name, we are sure his dreams are not humble.



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