Expensive gifts for women, not license for sex —Scientists


In a recent publication by the Journal of Interpersonal Violence, scientists have said that men who expect sex from women, in return for expensive gifts, dinner or any favour whatsoever, are sexual narcissists who need help.

It’s an evidence of narcissistic personality traits, say the trio of Basow, Susan and Alexandra Minieri, in their study entitled, “You owe me: Effects of date cost, who pays, participant gender, and rape myth beliefs on perceptions of rape.”

Defining narcissism as the “the tendency to exploit others and a lack of empathy,” the researchers say it’s a feeling of grandiosity and an excessive need for validation in the sexual domain.

Such men who want their sexuality to be proved or ‘validated’ are the people, for example, who buy you dinner and expect sexual favours in return.

They note that many men overstate the sexual indebtedness of women who have just been bought dinner and drinks.

According to the research, while women don’t feel obligated to have sex after an expensive date, men think women owe them sexual favour in return for paying for expensive date or gifts.

Again, the researchers found that women feel even less obligated if the date was inexpensive and also when the bill was split between the man and the woman.

The scientists however noted that the obligation to have sex is commensurate with the price the man has paid for the date.

The researchers found in a poll of male and female respondents that men felt that if a man pays the entire bill for an expensive dinner, or if he buys the woman expensive gifts, then he could expect sex as a reward.

In their response, the female participants felt that as the price paid for the date increased, so did the “reasonable expectation” of sex by the man.



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