Ecobank reduces international transfer charges to one per cent

Ecobank Nigeria

Ecobank Nigeria has announced a one per cent fee on all Rapid Transfer payments via the Ecobank Mobile App from now through December 31st.The promotion is designed to support citizens who have need to send money to love ones across Africa during this festive season.

Announcing the end of year promo in Lagos, Head of Remittance, Ecobank Nigeria, Esther Obot, said this is a “strategic initiative to support our customers and citizens in general who would wish to transfer money at this time of the year.”

She explained that transfers are to be made only from domiciliary accounts in Dollar. The receiving customer gets his funds either in the sending currency or the local currency.

She emphasized that “beneficiaries will receive the money from their Ecobank account, Xpress Account, Mobile Wallets and Cash at our agent locations in any our 33 African countries.”

Obot added that the Rapid Transfer also does in-bound transfers from our 33 countries into Ecobank account and all other bank accounts in Nigeria.“Thus, if you have a reason to receive funds from any of the 33 countries where Ecobank is present, ask the sender to download the Ecobank Mobile App and enjoy this seasonal one per cent promo. The Promotion is for all countries where Ecobank is present.

“Ecobank Mobile App is unique on all fronts; it does instant transfer to any bank account in Nigeria and for any Ecobank account within the same country it is absolutely free.

This super App allows you to do purchases using QR codes for MasterPass and mVisa, hence a must have for all Nigerians because it also affords you and Instant account opening to receive funds – Xpress Account,” she added.

Rapid Transfer is an Ecobank proprietary send and receive money transfer product available in all Ecobank location across Africa.This unique product facilitates easy transfer and access to funds across Nigeria and in all countries where Ecobank is present.


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