‘Miracles do happen’ says disfigured woman as she gets married


For a disfigured victim of an acid attack, most often than not, nt much hope is left, especially, when it comes to issues of relationship or marriage.

But the opposite is the case for an Indian woman who was badly burned in an acid attack five years ago. Now, she is married and has said ‘miracles do happen’ – as she celebrated her wedding.

Lalita Ben Bansi only met her new husband Ravi Shankar when she accidentally dialled the wrong number.

The couple lived 1,000 miles apart in different parts of India when they hit it off over the phone two months ago.

Lalita said: ‘I didn’t know a wrong number would set everything right in my life.

‘I am feeling very happy. I had never thought that I would ever get married. He has a big heart and a beautiful mind.

‘He knew everything about me and was well aware of my looks, but he still kept on his promise to marry me. I am so proud to have a partner like him.’

The 26-year-old’s life was changed when a relative threw acid over her face during an argument in 2012.

She survived but suffered horrific injuries and has needed surgery 17 times since.

Ravi, who works as a CCTV operator, said: ‘Her heart is pure and that is what matters the most.’

A number of Bollywood stars attended the ceremony, including actor Vivek Oberoi, who met Lalita at an event for acid attack survivors


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