Denzel Washington transforms for ‘70s film, Inner City


Denzel Washington, is this you?

This is exactly the question on the lips of those who caught a glimpse of movie star, Denzel Washington recently on the streets of Venice Beach, Los Angeles sporting a very different look than his fans are used to

And yes, he is

Since starring in his first film way back in 1981, Denzel Washington has been known as somewhat of a cool character when it comes to both his movies and his personal life

On the set of his upcoming crime drama, Inner City, the 62-year-old was spotted filming in costume as Roman Israel, a driven and idealistic defence attorney who finds himself in a dangerous situation following a “tumultuous series of events”

Donning some serious thick-rimmed glasses, a jazzy oversized shirt and a time-period-appropriate hairdo – complete with a bemused expression – one Twitter user poked fun saying: “Denzel Washington looks like your grandma when she can sense your parents haven’t fed you yet.”

Another likened him to someone’s auntie while a third claimed Washington looked like he was the manager of a fast food chain. Photoshopping the image to make it look like he was at a drive-through window, the user captioned the image: “I am the manager… the ice cream machine still broke.”


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