Curtain closes on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”


After 13 years of broadcast, the curtain has finally closed on the show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Frank Edohor, the anchor of the show announced at the final episode. He said the show will be going off air indefinitely from the 25th of June, at the end of its 13th season.

The official twitter account stated “Thank you for sticking with us for 13 years! It’s been a wonderful experience. Remember, we are going off air, to be back much later.”

Goodbyes are tough, aren’t they? @frankedoho ‘s final words as #WWTBAM begins a hiatus today is filled with so much emotions!

Frank Edoho, the show’s host, clarified on Twitter on why the show was going off air. He said: “Sadly, we are going on a break cos our sponsor pulled out. But we thank @MTNNG for being with us all these years. Please thank them for us. “.Don’t forget that #WWTBAMApp will still be rewarding players with cash prizes only while the show is off air.


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