Covid19: Mask of Zorro actor, Antonio Banderas tests positive

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August 11, 2020
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August 11, 2020

Covid19: Mask of Zorro actor, Antonio Banderas tests positive

Antonio Banderas says he has tested positive for coronavirus.

Antonio Banderas

The actor announced the news on Instagram Monday, also his 60th birthday.

His caption was written in Spanish and translated to English by CNN.

Hello everyone, I want to make public that today, August 10, I am forced to celebrate my 60th birthday following quarantine, having tested positive with Covid-19 disease,” Banderas wrote, alongside a photo of himself as a young child. “I would like to add that I feel relatively well, just a little more tired than usual and confident that I will recover as soon as possible following the medical indications that I hope will allow me to overcome the infectious process that I suffer and that is affecting so many people around the planet.”

He went on to write, “I will take advantage of this isolation to read, write, rest and continue making plans to begin to give meaning to my 60th year to which I arrive full of enthusiasm. A big hug to everyone.”

Banderas is the latest celebrity to reveal that he has tested positive with the virus. Actress Alyssa Milano took to social media last week to reveal that after several negative tests she tested positive for Covid-19 antibodies.

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