Controversial Halo head protection into F1 for 2018


The backlash following the introduction of the controversial Halo head protection into F1 in 2018 has been severe from many directions, however, the Austrian legend was perhaps the most damning in his criticism, suggesting the move “destroys the DNA of an F1 car”.
Triple world champion and Mercedes non-executive director Niki Lauda has slammed the FIA’s decision to introduce the Halo into Formula 1 in 2018.
The governing body went against the wishes of the teams as they voted nine-to-one against the implementation of additional cockpit protection, instead, forcing the measure through on safety grounds.
“We tested the Halo, the Red Bull Aeroscreen and Ferrari’s Shield as a cockpit protection, ” he told Germany’s Auto Sport und Motor.
“None has convinced 100 percent. You have to make the right decision in such a situation. The halo is the wrong one.
“The FIA has made Formula One as safe as it gets. Also, the danger of flying wheels is largely eliminated, because the wheels are always more firmly attached. The risk to the drivers has become minimal.”
Lauda also bemoaned the timing of Halo’s introduction at a time when the sport has made significant efforts to try and increase the attractiveness of F1 through new owners Liberty Media.
“We are just trying hard to get new fans for the sport with faster cars and getting closer to the spectators, and now this is destroyed by an overreaction,” he claimed.
“There is 100 percent a better solution than the Halo, otherwise we would not have tried three things. So the most sensible would be to continue our research and if we find something that does not destroy the appearance, introduce it in 2019.
“It’s that simple. There is no reason to rush into something that we regret later,” he concluded.
Giving his view, Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff believes the governing body was backed somewhat into a corner and felt the need to act.
“I think that probably the FIA had no choice than to introduce the Halo,” he said.
“It is the mandate of the FIA to increase the safety, we have looked at various systems and none of them really worked.
“The Halo was the only one that was just about right.
“I don’t like the looks of it and the aesthetics, but the decision was made yesterday, now we have to make the best out of it,” he added.


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