Close shave: German hairdressers protest footballers’ haircuts


The German Hairdresser Association has asked the German Football Association (DFB) why the country’s footballers have taken to the pitch with fresh haircuts amid the nationwide lockdown.

Hair salons across Germany have been forced to close to prevent the spread of the coronavirus since Dec. 16 and the Hairdresser Association have asked the German FA to “show solidarity in times like these and set an example against undeclared work.”

It is with great amazement we noticed that over the last match days of Bundesliga a vast majority of the professional footballers took to the pitch with new haircuts,” the association wrote in an open letter to the DFB.

They suggested that the hair styles on display in the Bundesliga “can only be cut by a professional hairdresser with professional equipment.”

The TV pictures, they argued, were far from helpful for the branch hit hard by the pandemic.

“Freshly cut football stars put an entire branch under pressure,” the statement added. “Many hairdressers are threatened in their existence.

“The discontent with the top styled football pros is growing. They lead to customers calling and asking for work on the side and breaches of the corona regulations like visits at home.”

The letter, addressed to the German FA president Fritz Keller, noted that “it is a great privilege for the Bundesliga to be able to play through the pandemic,” and urged the DFB to show solidarity and set an example in the fight against the “black market.”


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