Choice of Singer Portable divides NBA at ‘Unbarred’ concert as members stage walkout.


The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA)The NBA few weeks ago created a moral compass for major discuss on and offline by filling a petition before the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee over allegations of misconduct against a young lawyer and online sensation, Ifunanya Excel Grant, aka ‘baddest lawyer,’ only for the same NBA to invite Singer Portable to the associations program concert tagged ‘Unbarred’ in which he went wild during his thrilling performance at the concert in Abuja.

Lawyer and Morality

The programme tagged ‘Unbarred’ was held on Thursday at the Velodrome of the MKO Abiola Stadium which is part of the Nigerian Bar Association’s annual general conference.

According to the event’s poster, the host was Timi Agbaje. DJ Skillz and Veentage Band were billed to man the Music Policy and it promised a surprise act.
However some lawyers had expressed reservations and walked out of the event after hearing that Portable was the guest performer.

Surprisingly, the singer was cheered on by the audience at the same programme during the performance.

In a video that went viral, the audience could be heard cheering him on as Portable climbed up the stage iron bars dancing while hanging on it.

However, a most voices could be heard shouting and chanting, “no ooo” at his actions as many walked out in anger.
NBA where lies the moral compass used against “the baddest lawyer”.


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