Chevron wants more efforts to tackle environmental issues


Chevron Nigeria Limited, operator of the joint venture between the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and CNL JV, has called for more efforts towards solving most of the global environmental issues that affect humanity.

The organisation made the call in a statement issued on the World Environment Day today (Monday), with the theme: ‘Connecting people to nature’.

The Chairman and Managing Director, CNL, Jeff Ewing, said the firm was happy to be part of the solution to global environmental issues and had supported the environment through sound management policies that promote environmental stewardship and sustainable development.

He said, “The CNL has in place a company-wide health, environment and safety guideline to ensure that its performance is world-class. In Nigeria, our operational excellence obliges us to deliver industry-leading performance in process safety, personal safety and health, environment, reliability and efficiency to achieve world-class performance.

“The CNL has a record of responsible environmental stewardship everywhere it operates and has also established enduring partnerships with governments, non-governmental organisations, business organisations and communities. The CNL has been supporting and sponsoring various programmes aimed at preserving the environment. These partnerships and efforts have been recognised and rewarded within and outside the country.”

According to him, the 2017 WED invites people to think about how they are part of nature and how intimately they depend on it, adding that in recent times, growing environmental problems, such as global warming, were helping the world to understand the countless ways in which natural systems support people’s prosperity and well-being.

Highlighting some of the organisations efforts in preserving the environment, Ewing said Chevron had left enduring landmarks in the landscape, including the Lekki Conservation Centre, a centre of excellence in environmental research and education reserved as a sanctuary for the rich flora and fauna of the Lekki peninsula.

“This 78-hectare facility is the only one of its kind in the Lagos area and it was established by CNL in partnership with the Nigerian Conservation Foundation in 1992. The NCF is Nigeria’s foremost non-governmental organisation dedicated to environmental conservation and an affiliate of the World-Wide Fund for Nature. Support for the LCC best connects the CNL’s activities to the theme of the WED 2017,” he said.

He said the firm’s environmental stewardship process laid the foundation for sound environmental management through inclusion of the environment in decision making from the identification, assessment and management of environmental risks at project inception, to operations and through decommissioning.


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