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May 23, 2020

What are the health benefits of garlic?

Garlic (Allium sativum), is used widely as a flavoring in cooking, but it has also been used as a medicine throughout ancient and modern history; it […]
May 23, 2020

Mum gives birth to identical quadruplets, defying one in 15 million odds

A woman in Dallas has defied the odds in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. Jenny Marr gave birth to identical quadruplets – beating the incredibly […]
May 23, 2020

US billionaires get richer during Coronavirus pandemic

Over the last two months unemployment in the United States has risen to levels not seen since the Great Depression. However, US billionaires got even richer […]
May 23, 2020

Nigerian Customs seize N1bn worth of Indian hemp

The Nigerian Customs Service, Western Marine Command, says it seized various contraband goods worth N1.06bn in the first quarter of 2020. The largest chunk of goods […]