Can You Spot the Mom? 40-Year-Old Mother and Her Teen Daughters


Photos of 40-year-old Kiyenia Booker and her two teenage daughters have recently went viral on social media, because people just can’t tell which one’s the mother.

Booker, from Nova Scotia, has been posting pics of herself and her two daughters – K’Lienya, 18, and Kolieya, 16 – on her popular Instagram account for a while now, but things got crazy a few days ago, after she shared a collage of photos from when her girls were very young compared to now. It showed just how much the girls had grown, but people couldn’t help noticing how Kiyenia didn’t seem to have aged at all in the years that passed between the two photos.

“Where is the fountain of youth you’ve discovered???? You look even more amazing than the before picture!!!” one person wrote

“She’s not the mum, she’s their sister,” another shocked Instagram user commented.

As the collage went viral on multiple social networks, Kiyenia, who had already achieved success on Instagram for her expert hair styling skills, saw her following grow from just over 60,000 to over 88,000 in just a few days. But while most of the feedback was positive, there were those who accused her of trying to grab some attention by simply posing as the girls’ mother, or saying that she must have had kids when she was 15, which isn’t the case.

The age-defying mother-of-three – she also has a 4-year-old son – admitted that she was ‘bit thrown off with some of the negative comments,’ but preferred to focus on the positive parts instead. She was more than happy to share some more photos of herself with her two teen daughters, just to prove that that one collage was no fluke.

Had you not known that Kiyenia was 40-years-old, would you have guessed that she is the mother of these two young girls? I know I wouldn’t have.

Kiyenia Booker now joins the exclusive club of famous age-defying women, many of which we’ve featured on Oddity Central in the past: Carolyn HartzLure Hsu or Masako Mizutani. For a male example of incredible youthful looks, there’s no one better than 50-year-old Chuando Tan.


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