A blind boy’s dream comes true as Flavour features him in His ‘Most High’ Video

Flavour and Semah

A  poor  Liberian boy who’s blind, Semah, said that his dream in life was to meet music guru Flavour and Mastercraft and sing with them.

The Liberian boy, who said he had been listening to his Idol’s songs on radio, made a request from a humanitarian woman, Helen Sirleaf,   who paid him a visit.

…I can’t see you, but I can feel you. I know your song, but my dream in life is to meet Flavour and Masterkrsaft.

“I am blind, but I want to be a musician. I want to sing a song for Flavour.” he told the woman.

On March 19, 2017, Flavour met with Semah in Liberia.

Flavour never ended it there. The Nigerian songwriter, who had just released a music video IJele a few weeks ago, took further steps to feature Semah G in his official video, Most High, which was released a few days ago.

Thousands of his fans got emotional, shedding tears of joy. They can’t stop thanking the music guru for his kindness, for being a source of inspiration to the world. See how they expressed their feelings:

“Hmmm. This song is so holy. The voice, oh my God. Semah, you will go places. Flavour, more open doors,” a fan identified as Giftodun said.

“OMG… Who else remember this kid from Liberia? Even though you won’t see this comment, words alone are not enough to show my gratitude. Thank you very much for using ur music as a source of inspiration. I pray for God’s continued Blessings in your life. As you have stretched out your hand to help Semah, may God also stretch out his hands to help you.Thank you. Tears of joy!” MZ Jennix said.
Easyallen said, “Wow! I literally have tears in my eyes. God is wonderful and this is a beautiful son.”

“Touched me deep down my soul. I didn’t even realize I was crying. Thank you, uncle Flavour. Take all the glory, Lord. Theclaragodwin said.

Ju-lliet said, “I have not been this emotional for a very long time. This song touched not just my spirit, but my soul. Thank you, Flavour and Semah.”

“Total surrender… I can officially say this is the night I gave my life to Christ. God bless you, Flavour, for leading me to Christ through your kindness,” Maulienjayz said.

Thank you very much, Flavour, for being a source of inspiration, for making Semah’s dreams come true.



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