Bill Clinton spotted between two Bushes in funny photograph

Former President Bill Clinton spotted smiling between two famous Bushes.

In a photo posted on Twitter on Thursday night, Clinton was seen posing in between two statues of his presidential predecessor, George H.W. Bush, and successor, George W. Bush, at the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Texas.

Clinton and George W. Bush were both speaking at a public event at the Bush Center to leadership qualities in honor of this year’s graduates from the Presidential Leadership Scholars program.

Throughout the moderated discussion, the former presidents shared advice, anecdotes and their mutual respect for one another.

“If you want to be President, realize it’s about the people, not about you,” Clinton said during the event. “You want to be able to say, ‘People were better off when I quit.’ … You don’t want to say ‘God, look at all the people I beat.’”

Clinton and Bush attributed their positive relationship to “gracious personal behavior.”

“When I left office, I told him, I said if I can ever help you, I’ll do it,” Clinton said. “If I can’t in good conscience, I won’t, but I’ll never embarrass you in public. And you know [my wife Hillary Clinton] was a senator. I said I may have to make some comment that disagrees with some policy of yours, but I will always do it respectfully, and I want you to succeed.”

The quirky photo of Clinton appears to be taken after the event, and went viral after freelance reporter Yashar Ali tweeted it out. Twitter users are having a field day with the picture.

Some people have, naturally, compared the photo to that time Press Secretary Sean Spicer hid “among” actual bushes amidst the news that FBI Director James Comey was fired.


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