Beyoncé and Jay Z Are a Billion-Dollar Couple


As if their positions as the king and queen of hip-hop weren’t already well cemented, Beyoncé and Jay Z are now said to have amassed a fortune big enough to make them a billion-dollar couple.

Beyoncé is No. 46 on Forbes’ s list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women that came out today, with $350 million in wealth, thanks to last year’s Formation World Tour (which grossed a quarter of a billion dollars), last year’s album Lemonade, and her stake in the streaming service Tidal, which surely saw a spike when Sprint invested $200 million for a reported 33 percent earlier this year. As for her husband and Tidal co-owner Jay Z, he came in second on Forbes‘s list of the Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists this year with $810 million. Thanks to that big investment in Tidal, he moved up two spots and is right behind Diddy, who has $820 million.

                                                 That adds up to $1.16 billion dollars for the Carter-Knowles family. So bidding on a $120 million mansion shouldn’t be a problem for the couple. Neither should it be hard to trick out a new nursery (or two, or three) for the twins Yoncé is expecting, who will join the soon-to-be big sister Blue Ivy.

When Beyoncé, 35, released Lemonade, with its themes of infidelity, the rumors swirled that she and Jay Z, 47, were heading for divorce. Instead, they brushed their shoulders off, rode the controversy, grew their wealth, and are settling into their status as a family of five. Is there anything this power couple can’t do?


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