Bad Beauty Habits That Makes You Ugly


Everyone’s got bad habits, but some of them may be doing more than just annoying your friends—they may be ruining your beauty! You know what we’re talking about. They’re those seemingly harmless little self-preserving tasks that you may neglect to do or do too much.

So, if breaking out of these bad beauty habits means healthier, enviable-looking hair, skin and nails, then you may want to start doing a little damage control.

Here are a few of them:

Too Much Heat On Hair

This is another concern we address here  regularly. There are minor changes you can make to avoid heat-damaged hair like not setting your tool to its max temp or over-heating it for the style desired.

You should also avoid heat-styling too much in a short period. Instead of restyling with heat, seek out styles that are great on stale hair like a braided crown. There are also a few no-heat styling methods you can employ to achieve certain looks if your hair type permits.

Using Your Nails As Tools

And this comes straight from a nail technician. Using fingernails to open cans, scratch out cuticles and any number of other odd jobs is going to cause tearing and breakage. It’s just common sense.

Cutting Hair

We definitely understand wanting to hold on to your length, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of your hair’s overall healthiness. Regular haircuts and trims get rid of split ends that ultimately cause shortening breakage.

Woman Applying Sunscreen: We tell you this time and time again, so if you’re still not wearing sunscreen then shame on you. The easiest thing to do is buy a moisturizer already infused with the wonder formula.

Woman Apply Cream

Speaking of moisturizer, how well is yours working? If your skin is continually dry or oily, inspect your moisturizer. Is it too heavy or too light? Is it right for the season? Does it contain drying alcohols? Do you need a higher SPF? Start investigating.


Yes, we all get bored and anxious, but don’t take it out on your hair. Continual pulling (or even gnawing) puts too much stress on strands that can’t support that kind of pressure. Avoid this especially with your edges, which will bald a lot more quickly!

Woman Brushing Hair 

We’ve all heard the 100 brush strokes makes hair shiny and healthy myth, but there is no evidence to support its benefits. In fact, this is simply another form of unneeded stress on tresses.

Nail Biting 

While we’re at it, let’s tackle another stress-related bad habit: nail biting. We don’t have to explain the disadvantages of chewing your nails down to nubs, right? And if that’s not enough to deter you, think about all the germs and bacteria you’re also swallowing in the process.

Woman In Tub 

Skin care is about more than just your face. If you constantly find areas of your body dry and ashy, your first instinct is to hold your body lotion responsible. But, you may also want to take a look at your body soap. Go for buys that boast hydration and moisture.

 Protecting Your Hair At Night

When you’re really ready to hit the bed, a little nighttime beauty prep can feel like a big chore. But would you rather miss 10 minutes of sleep or a half a head of hair when it comes down to it? Figure out a protective styling method for your hair during sleep.

Not Washing Your Face Enough

This is more for the oily-skin sufferers. We’re sure you probably already have blotting papers on hand, but if you’re able to, wash your face in the middle of the day. It will make a much bigger impact than sopping away the oil.

Too Many Manis

Frequent nail salon visits or at-home manis may be damaging your nails. The constant application of acrylic tips, gel manis and nail polish remover weakens and strips fingernails. Try to space getting your ‘nails did’ with nail-strengthening solutions.



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