Baby born with IUD in her hair


Sometimes babies are born against all the odds. And sometimes they show you from day dot that THEY are actually the ones in charge now.
Such is the case of this determined little one who arrived into the world wearing her mother’s IUD like a bobby pin stuck casually in her hair.
Cadesia Foster, who is presumably the mother, took to social media to share the truly remarkable arrival of this child.
The newborn is still covered in vernix, with a noticeable addition to the usual birth fluids.

“Look at this. Damn IUD sitting on this baby head like a Bobby pin. Use birth control they said,” Cadesia captioned the photo. She followed her statement with ‘crying’ and ‘okay’ emojis.
The photo quickly went viral, amassing 40K shares and 8.4K likes.
It mainly served as a wake-up call for many women using an IUD for contraception.
“OMFG this is the contraception I’m on FFS,” one woman wrote.
“I think I’m just going to stay on my pills then,” another shared.
“I told you that IUD isn’t the only protection you should use,” another advised her friend.
The best contraception to use when you’re already a mum. And the contraceptive patch could be the way of the future.
Several partners were tagged in the photo.
“Another reason you should just get the snip,” one mother wrote to her partner.

There is a mass rethinking of contraception going on around the world right now. Photo: iStock.
Many saw the funny side
“Nothing is gonna stop this baby,” someone else suggested.
“I would have a heart attack,” another wrote.
It’s pretty sobering when you consider that such a device is technically meant to be 99.8 percent effective in preventing pregnancy.
But as this little one proves, there will always exist unicorn babies who seem to get past even the best contraception attempts. It’ll no doubt be a story for the 21st birthday.


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