May 18, 2021

2019 Office romance: How Bill Gates left Microsoft board

Bill Gates “pursued” several women in his office long after he wed now-estranged wife Melinda in 1994. According to Free Press, in one instance, following a […]
May 17, 2021

Tragic: Child reporter who interviewed Obama dies @ 23

It’s some tragic news coming in now from the Associated Press (AP) that the student reporter who gained national acclaim when he interviewed President Barack Obama […]
May 17, 2021

Why some Northern elites are suddenly worried by the Southern Governors’ Asaba declaration? By Chief Mike Ozekhome (SAN)

The sudden unexpected kick by some Northern elites against the patriotic resolutions passed last week at a meeting held in Asaba by the 17 Southern Governors […]
May 15, 2021

With bandits just two hours away from the FCT, Nigeria is becoming a failed state, Ozekhome warns

“Let me tell you, one of the ingredients of a failed state is when non-state actors like bandits and kidnappers challenge the state security. With bandits […]