2020 Oscars: How Jane Fonda totally changed the trend on the red carpet

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2020 Oscars: How Jane Fonda totally changed the trend on the red carpet

It’s no news that glamour and glitz are the major characteristics of the Academy awards. Çelebrities light up the show in breath-taking gowns.

This year’s event, which was the 92nd edition, held at the Dolby Theatre, was not an exception.

The news however, was that some stars made statements with their dresses by taking stands on environment and sustainability

Jane Fonda has long known how to make a statement, and that extends to her time on the Oscars stage

Leading the pack on the red carpet on eco-friendly advocacy was 82 year old

veteran actress, Jane Fonda. Their strategy which was to recycle old red carpet gowns was phenomenal.

She wasn’t the only one who addressed issues of sustainability and eco-consciousness through fashion Sunday night;

Her choice and Elizabeth Banks choice as they each shunned wearing new couture and instead recycled old dresses was of resounding value.

In fact, Fonda vows to stop buying clothes

The Pitch Perfect star, 46, Elizabeth Banks, and the Grace And Frankie actress, 82, Jane Fondaboth proudly wore gowns from previous years – and still looked sensational. 

To present Best Film at the 2020 Academy Awards, the actress, took the stage in a gray pixie cut and a crimson beaded Elie Saab gown she previously wore to Cannes in 2014, and carried the cardinal-red coat she previously declared was “the last article of clothing I will ever buy” as part of her ongoing climate change protests.

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