181 years after, Methodist church ordains first female bishop

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January 23, 2023
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181 years after, Methodist church ordains first female bishop

There is time and season for everything, according to the bible. There’s a time to be born, and a time to die. A time to gain and a time to loose. A time to plant and a time to harvest. A time to cry and a time to rejoice

So, it was for the Methodist Church of Nigeria The time for a female bishop is here. And so history was made over the weekend when Nkechi Nwosu was ordained as the first female bishop of the church in the country.

Nwosu was ordained on Sunday by Joseph Nnonah, archbishop of Kaduna, at the Christ Methodist Cathedral, Jos, Plateau state.

Nwosu will serve as bishop of the Jos diocese.

Speaking with journalists, Nwosu said God is using her ordinance to tell the world that it is time to release women to fulfill their destinies.

“God knew that by creating only Adam, He will not be able to bring his heart’s desire, so He had to make the woman to complement him,” NAN quoted her as saying.

“So, for the word of God to reach the end of the world, man must put their hands together to serve God, irrespective of gender, because God is a spirit.

“And when men or women of God in charge of denominations understand this, I believe we will conquer more for the Lord than what we have done.”

On the forthcoming general election, Nwosu called on Nigerians to listen to the voice of God who knows the best leader for the country at the moment.

She said God has also given Nigerians power, and that the power is in the permanent voter card (PVC).

“We must all go out there and agree with God, listen to the spirit of God and do what God said we should do,” she said.

Samuel Uche, prelate emeritus, Methodist Church Nigeria, during whose tenure Nwosu was elected bishop, said people who have reached menopause can hold responsible office in the church because they have the capacity.

“They have the ability; they are meticulous, resourceful and spiritual,” he said.

“So, we decided that we should have a woman bishop and I know that some time ago, the president of the British Church was a woman from Ireland.”

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