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Washington is a documentary photo – artist and an activist whose main focus is the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger, employing the use of photographic exhibitions to raise fund for charity.

August 25, 2017

Scariest House in Belarus Has Neighbours on Edge

In the town of Ratomka, five kilometers from the Belorussian capital of Minsk, there is a house so spooky that some people try to avoid walking […]
August 24, 2017

Painting with Wool – Artist Creates Shockingly Realistic Felt Portraits

Creating hyper-realistic animal portraits with a paintbrush or pencil is a difficult skill that only the world’s most talented artists can master, but doing it with just a […]
August 24, 2017

16-year-old Friesian Stallion, Unofficially the World’s Most Handsome

“Real-life Black Beauty”, “Storybook Stallion”, or “Fabio of Hoses” are just some of the flattering nicknames people use when referring to Frederick the Great, a 16-year-old […]
August 24, 2017

Disabled Man Spends Three Years Single-Handedly Carving a Road Through a Hill

In a story of unbelievable grit and determination, a semi-paralyzed man in Kerala, India, spent three years digging a road straight through a small hill in […]